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Should I wash my Colimaçon Baby Wrap, Sling or Bearded Man Sling before using it for the first time?

Yes. After dying the cloth, our dyer applies a finishing layer, making the material less supple and harder to tie. Machine washing your Baby Wrap at 30°C (86°F) will remove the layer. For all our advice and recommendations on the proper care of your Colimaçon Baby Wraps, click HERE.

Should I wash my Colimaçon Baby Wrap SEPARATELY from the rest of the washing?

The first two times you wash it, yes. After that, you can put it in with the rest of the washing.

Will my Baby Wrap shrink the first time it’s washed?

Yes. It will lose from 7 to 10% of its length. That’s why we make our Baby Wraps 10% bigger than the actual size ordered. For example, if you choose a Wrap 4.50 metres long, then you’ll be delivered one that’s 4.90 metres long – however, it’ll shrink to the right size on being washed. Ditto for the Slings and Bearded Man Slings.

I can’t find the size I need. Can you make me a Baby Wrap to fit me personally?

We’re craftspeople and are proud to respond to your personal requirements. Please get in touch with us by phone or e-mail.

I’m pregnant and can’t use your formula for working out the right-sized Baby Wrap for me. What can I do?

If you contact us by phone or e-mail, we’ll base ourselves on your normal, pre-pregnancy build to assist you.

There’s a big difference in build between the two parents. What size should we choose?

What you definitely shouldn’t do is choose a size in between! Here one size doesn’t fit all, and the Wrap would be too big for the smaller person, who’d find themselves tangled up in all the extra cloth, while it’d be too small for the larger parent, who wouldn’t be able to tie it. The best choice is to go for a Baby Wrap which fits one or the other of the parents.

The Baby Wrap I bought is too long. How can I make it usable?

If you or a friend or relative knows how to sew, you just need to cut the Wrap to the length you want, then resew the seams. And don’t throw away the offcuts. Material from Colimaçon can be used for all types of sewing. Just watch out for two things when you cut the cloth:

  • There’s a label at the midpoint of the Wrap. You should make your cuts on each side of the label to keep the Wrap symmetrical.
  • Always wash the Wrap before you make your measurements and your cuts.

The Baby Wrap I bought is too short. What can I do to make it usable anyway?

There’s only one solution: transform your Wrap into a Sling. To do that you’ll need a pair of rings and a bit of elbow grease! The internet tutorials are easy to find. We’d advise the easiest model, the one with “non-stitched pleats”.

I’m a bit worried about getting started with carrying my baby in the Wrap. Can you offer any help?

We work in partnership with a network of Baby Wrap instructors. You have women trained in carrying children as well as groups running workshops on baby carrying (some are free while some charge fees). They’ve chosen to work with the Baby Wraps from Colimaçon because they value our quality and comfort. The atmosphere at the meetings is friendly, and the young parents can test the Colimaçon Baby Wraps; the instructors show you how to use the Wraps and generally provide advice and support. There’s undoubtedly one somewhere near you. Contact us and we’ll give you the details.

We also offer simple tutorials HERE to learn to use the Wraps quickly.

I’ve lost the user instructions. Can I get a copy?

Yes, we’ll send you a free copy by post on request.


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