Coton bio et certifié Gots
Made in France
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Care instructions

How to take care of your Baby Wrap made out of Colimaçon material​


  • As explained HERE our material is dyed at high temperature by our dyer before being delivered to our workshop, so it’s used to being machine-washed at 80°C (180°F). All the same, hot water will end up by weakening the fibres. So to ensure your Baby Wrap lasts longer, we recommend machine-washing it at no more than 40°C (104°F).
  • Industrially dyed fabrics aren’t rinsed after dying. That’s why the colour washes out when you wash them for the first time in your washing machine at home. Our material is no exception to the rule. You should therefore wash it separately TWICE before you put it in the machine with the rest of your washing.
  • After dying the cloth, our dyer applies a finishing layer, making the material less supple and harder to tie. Putting your Baby Wrap through the washing machine at 40°C (104°F) before using it, which allows you to get around the problem.


The material itself won’t be affected by the tumble dryer, but the labels indicating the middle and containing the mandatory information will be. For this reason, we don’t recommend tumble-drying your Baby Wrap. If you have put it through the dryer, however, you can always place a sheet of greaseproof paper over the Wrap and then iron the label back on. This method can be used over and over again.


Ironing the cloth at maximum temperature is fine. However, as we have just seen, heat will damage the label. We therefore recommend ironing over the label from the back. Ironing also helps make the fibres more flexible, thus helping to prepare the wrap for use. We therefore strongly recommend ironing your Baby Wrap before using it to carry your baby.
You can use a steam iron, in which case iron around the edges of the label.

All dyed cotton has two enemies: salt and UV radiation

If you add in humidity (which has the effect of a magnifying glass and increases the fading caused by UV light), you can be sure your Baby Wrap’s colours will fade with time. So you shouldn’t leave your Baby Wrap on the rear-window shelf of your car in the middle of summer when coming home from the beach, for example.

Soften your Baby Wrap’s cloth before using it for the first time

Just like other cotton objects coming out of the washing machine, our material will feel somewhat stiff after being washed. You’ll need to soften it a little to make it right for carrying your baby. All you need to do is to steam-iron it at maximum temperature. You can also turn the softening process into a game your kids will love: spread the Baby Wrap over a bed and get your bigger children to jump up and down on it. Or you can use your Wrap as a sofa covering for a few days.

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