My “bearded man” in detail

THE BEARDED MAN SLING is a classic ring sling to which Anthony has added 3 special feature…

  • 1 pair of extra rings,
  • Around 1.50 m (almost 5 feet) of extra fabric (more or less, depending on the size)
  • The soft texture of Colimaçon bamboo fabrics

… for versatile, simple and comfortable carrying.

  • Emerald BEARDED MAN SLING: in CROSS TWILL (the optimal TECHNICAL WEAVE for carrying babies)
  • Length : Size 1 / 3.20 m (roughly 10’5’’) – Size 2 / 3.80 m (roughly 12’5’’) – Size 3 / 4,20 m (roughly 14’5’’)
  • Supplied with instructions for 2 basic and easy-to-perform ties – From Birth (3.5 kg/7.7 lbs.) to 15 kg/33 lbs.
  • Weight of fabric: 230 grams/m² (0.75 oz/sqft)
  • 55% ORGANIC combed cotton with GOTS certification – 45% BAMBOO viscose, for incomparable softness.
  • Woven and dyed in France – Sewn in the French Alpes
  • Labels REACH certified
  • Wash and care advice HERE

Why the “Bearded man” Ring Sling ?

Anthony is a young BEARDED dad with 2 children.
As a carrying instructor and founder of the workshops « Porter, rien de barbant », (carrying isn’t boring : boring and bearded meet in french) and an eternal inventor, he is constantly seeking and questioning the well-being of babies being carried … and that of the parents carrying them.

Anthony started from the simple premise:

  • The baby wrap is extremely comfortable.It therefore allows babies to be carried for long periods on a daily basis.That being said, young parents are sometimes put off by the difficulty of the ties and the length.
  • The ring sling is very simple to manage.That said, only one shoulder does the carrying.So, it cannot be used for intensive carrying.

1 wrap + 1 ring sling = the Bearded Man Sling

So, Anthony designed a baby carrier that combined the advantages of the wrap and the advantages of the ring sling. Alexa – the founder of Colimaçon – brought his project to life and they both worked for 1 year on creating the BEARDED MAN SLING.

  • THE BEARDED MAN SLING is very easy to manage. You put it on like a ring sling, and it’s easy to tie.
  • THE BEARDED MAN SLING is extremely comfortable. Your baby’s weight is distributed over both shoulders like it is with a wrap.
  • THE BEARDED MAN SLING is particularly reassuring. Your baby is firmly supported, so you can finish doing your ties with peace of mind.
  • THE BEARDED MAN SLING is practical. It takes up little space and is easy to store.Its ultra-soft texture in bamboo makes it virtually crumple free.
  • The BEARDED MAN SLING is multifunctional. You can use a wide variety of tying techniques and can even invent some as needed.

Size guide

A simple formula allows you to choose between sizes

(For peole who use inches, 1 inch = 2.54 cm)

Waist measurement (in cm) + Distance from one shoulder to the other (in cm) + distance from one shoulder to your belly button (in cm)

  • If the result is lower than 180, opt for size 1
  • If the result is higher than 180, opt for size 2
  • If the result is higher than 235, opt for size 3
  • If you are pregnant, this formula does not apply.Contact us directly to find out your ideal size.
  • If you have any doubts about the choice of size, contact us too
  • If your result is between 2 sizes, choose the bigger one

Caution: this size guide is only available for basic carries, most used by beginners. Enthusiasts practicing more complex carrying should take the size above.

What is the “easy tie” option ?

The thread we use for the hems is different on either side of the fabric, so you can find your way around more easily when doing your ties (in the video, we explain this option for wraps. The exact same point applies to the BEARDED MAN SLING).

Bearded man sling – Emerald

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This revolutionary baby sling is a very easy way to carry your baby.  ORGANIC COTTON/BAMBOO cross twill for maximum softness.

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Bearded man sling - Emerald
Bearded man sling - Emerald
A partir de 79.00 €
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