My cross twill – linen in detail

  • Fabric weight : 220 grams/m2
  • 50 % pure ORGANIC LINEN and 50 % pure ORGANIC COMBED COTTON
  • Cross twill – Double-sided: no back, no front
  • Two widths available : 75 cm (width of a single wrap) and 150 cm (width of two wraps)
  • Expected shrinkage: 6-8 %
  • Woven and dyed in France
    « Our orgnanic cotton : From sead to cloth » HERE
  • Care and wash instructions HERE
  • Limited edition collection (small quantities)

Do you have a question about colour, or about the texture of our Pineapple fabric? We’ll send you a complimentary swatch by request.

How I can make my own Baby Wrap

It’s with the same cross twill that we make your linen Baby Wraps and linen Slings.

The Baby Wraps and lengths of cloth cut to order come from the same rolls of material we work with as our customer orders come in.

Our cross twill is as solid as our pure cotton and our bamboo, and is ideally suited to carrying babies. Its high ratio of linen also makes it strong enough to carry toddlers of 15 kilos (33 pounds) and more. And don’t think it’s too rough for the delicate skins of babies – we’ve combined linen with 50 percent of our renowned Organic Combed Cotton for extra smoothness and flexibility.

If you or someone you know has some sewing skills, we’d encourage you to make your own Baby Wrap for the simple reason that it’ll give you so much more personal pleasure when you finally carry your baby in it.

Once you’ve decided to get sewing, you’ll find there are a number of extremely well-made tutorials on the internet – some of them based on actual Colimaçon material!

We can’t give you the whole list here because new tutorials are constantly being posted online. If you want more specific advice on your project you’re welcome to contact us, preferably by phone



What if I sewed something else? FREE sewing ideas and tutorials

Eco-friendly – Linen is a simple, locally-gown crop requiring little water

Time-honoured – Linen is the world’s oldest traditional fabric, and has symbolised elegance and distinction throughout history

Hard-wearing – Linen doesn’t lose its shape or turn fluffy, and actually looks better and improves in comfort with regular washing

A proven thermoregulator – Linen protects the body from both cold and heat, and is the ideal fabric for summer wear

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You’ll find patterns there you can download for free.
They’ve been developed to be made exclusively from Colimaçon fabrics so you can take full advantage of the material’s unique characteristics.
You can work on your Baby Wrap, of course, but also with cloth cut to order. Everything is shown in the patterns.

« Our fabrics are amazing » – The Motion is full of ideas !
From cloth pouches to wedding dresses, you can make absolutely anything you like and more !

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Our clients’ creative imagination has no limits !

Organic linen by the meter – Pineapple

A partir de 14.40 €


Organic linen and organic cotton broken twill – Made in France



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Organic linen by the meter - Pineapple
Organic linen by the meter - Pineapple
A partir de 14.40 €
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